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"My creations are a

description of the

fluidity of the ever

so diverse features of the elements of nature."

Studio Scroll


Basically, there are three distinct ways of building in clay: pinching, slabs and coiling.


I have experimented with all of these techniques, but coiling best allows my hands to echo the contemplations of my heart. Coils are like the sentences that I craft in an ongoing dialogue between the earth and me. As I place one coil onto the other, I am building an exchange between the outer world and my inner thoughts and preoccupations, and when the sculpture is complete, it embraces a totality of distinct phrases and interrogations and affirmations.


I also view coils as best describing the movement and rhythm of the natural world, a subject that has captivated me since my childhood.

Coils remind me of ripples, of the multiple emanations that occur on still water when just one tiny pebble breaks the surface. Likewise, I give equal importance to the outside, apparent surfaces of a piece as to its inside, hidden surfaces, even if the inside will never be exposed.




The driving force behind all my work is the natural world, the forms that nature has created with no help from humankind. In fact, the urgency I feel to glorify our primal universe has been exacerbated by the havoc that we humans have created to the delicate balance of nature.

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